Friday, 9 March 2018

Should we stop using plastic bags

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There have been many debate over plastic bags whether we should keep them or stop using them for the sake saving our environment. Grocery stores like countdown are planning to completely stop using plastic bags by the end of this year, and there are going to be encouraging customers to bring their own bag while shopping. I disagree with this because if you shop with your own bag for example a school bag it will look like you are shoplifting
However plastic bags harm our environment because they end up in our creeks and it can lead to pollution and death of our sea animals but overall I think we should keep plastic bags but enforce strict laws on littering.   


  1. Hi David,

    It is great to see you are sharing some of the points that you made in the debate last week. You did an awesome job sharing your thoughts throughout the debate, despite choosing the slightly more challenging opposing side - ka pai!

  2. hey David

    great post about the debate for plastic bags
    plus where did you get the information
    By Ben


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