Wednesday, 28 March 2018

should all schools separate boys and girls

Today in class we had to write a short explanation about boys being separated or together here is my explanation.

In most schools boys and girls are not separated and are together but some schools are boys only or girls only.I think most if not all schools should be together because girls can learn from boys and the other way around. and everyone can be united.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Important Visitor

Today we had Tony from Attitude come in and talk to us about the importance of making good
choices, and sticking to your passion also not being discouraged if you don't succeed.

An example Tony gave was his experience in intermediate, he did an audition to join his school choir though the tutor told him that he sounds horrible suggesting that he should stick to
playing sport, but he did not let those rude comments stop him. So he went home and started
singing loudly and confidently, his mum then told him to “shut up!!” this made him feel very discouraged.

Many years later after graduating from two different colleges with 2 degrees in music, he auditioned
to sing at a christmas in the park event near his home time, they were three judges in front of him
one being his intermediate choir tutore, after performing the tutore was shocked she said “wow!!
that was a big improvement” he replied with “I hope you still don't talk to kids that like that cause what
you said hurt me”. Although what his tutor said to him was really mean and discourage Tony said that
he thanks her cause those terrible actions of his teacher made him who he is today.

Tony also has a great sense of humor as he made jokes throughout the whole speech even when
things were serious, wich was great and made the speech more enjoyable. He also talked to us about
different personalities and that each personality is represented by a animal. Tony taught us the
strengths and weaknesses of all the the personalities.The lion (the leader), the otter (entertainer),
the golden retriever(peacemaker) and the beaver( facilitator). I personally think that I am between
beaver and golden retriever. Overall this speech was amazing, Tony taught us the importance of not
giving up I also learnt what facilitator means(always willing to do things the right way/work and do
things properly.

Let me know what your personality is in the comment section below.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Should we stop using plastic bags

Image result for plastic bags
There have been many debate over plastic bags whether we should keep them or stop using them for the sake saving our environment. Grocery stores like countdown are planning to completely stop using plastic bags by the end of this year, and there are going to be encouraging customers to bring their own bag while shopping. I disagree with this because if you shop with your own bag for example a school bag it will look like you are shoplifting
However plastic bags harm our environment because they end up in our creeks and it can lead to pollution and death of our sea animals but overall I think we should keep plastic bags but enforce strict laws on littering.