Thursday, 5 March 2015

Kaitiaki of the Stream

Our group has been reading about a Kaitiaki of a stream. It's about a man who takes good care of his creek. Here are some things about my creek.

Oamaru Creek is important because its next to point england and it used to be clean. Before the river got polluted people used to get food and water from it. Since the years past by the river has been getting more polluted and more smelly. People stopped careing about it the watercolor started to turn green and oily.


  1. Hi david i agree that people should not polute the water so that is can't be smelly and oily

  2. Hi David

    I like how you put more details into your writing and I agree with you because
    people did stop caring about Oamaru Creek and they should stop Polluting the
    river. Anyways I enjoyed reading your writing .

    Keep up the good writing. Ofa;)