Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Fortnite is taking over the world by storm!

Fortnite is taking over the world by storm! no pun intended, Breaking hundreds of twitch and videogame records with some players earning well over 500 thousand dollars a month. Today I am going to be going through epic games secrete formula and why fortnite. is one of the most popular games in morden video game history.

Its free! One of the main reasons fortnite is so successful is because of its easy accessibility. It's available on xbox playstation ios android windows and mac all at no cost at all. Mobile gamers can game with console players and pc players all for free, all you need Is an internet connection and you are good to go. This is awesome especially that video games these days will cost you a fortune fortnite offers the full 5 star gamer experience for free.

Bugs and issues. Although the game is free, it features lots of in game purchases such as battel pasees skins and v bucks which may be discouraging for some players. And because the game gets updated regularly survers are often down. Epic games usually apologise for the extended down time by giving players free skins and back blings.

Why so successful. Fortnite is very popular because of its combination of building and shooting its fast paced game bright colors and its option to play with others. You can team up with a buddy in dous or play with 4 friends in squads or. Play the 100 player hunger games type mode which is solo. you can also get your groove on! as The game features dancing giving players an option to bust some moves featuring some new popular dance and some classic ones You can dance to taunt or troll other players or just have some good fun in celebrating you victory royale

fortnite is such a great game soon your grandma will be playing. Just remember to do your homework first before jumping in to that fun storm fight adventure.


  1. you didn't spell battle properly or pass's but other that good job on your writing about fortnite and thanks for making me not buy it even more
    by Ben

    jk I might consider buying it

  2. Hi David,
    That is a very good writing about Fortnite. Just Remember to reread your writing before you blog.
    Other than that Great Job!

  3. Jack Stone-Slater16 June 2018 at 16:25

    Fab review David. You covered everything a potential player needed to know in just a few short paragraphs---even professional game reviewers have trouble doing that!

    I think you've got the knack of discussing both the good and the bad down, which is super important for a good game reviewer (or any kind of reviewer really). I especially liked your discussion of the whole "v-bucks" thing, as it's a big topic in gaming at the moment. Just look at the whole "pay to win" controversies surrounding some games.

    I'd love to know what you think about the idea of some people getting more powerful weapons or more resources than other players because they were willing to pay more. Do you think that's fair?

    All up, you've written a succinct, intelligent, honest, balanced and well-thought-out review. Nice work, and I hope I see you continue with your reviews!


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