Monday, 23 February 2015

Use your wits

 Your WITS  are what you use at Pt england to stay out of trouble. This can also help you in life.

1st is W- walk away. Walk away means if someone is annoying you walk away so far that the person can't see you. Once somebody was cheating during rugby so I walked away. Then I wasn’t annoyed anymore.

I- ignore. If anyone is  being a pain you ignore. That means you don't listen to what they're saying and stay out of trouble.When my cousin was grabbing
my toys i ignored and she got bored and she left my toy alone.

T- talk about it means you go and talk to the person about it. If someone is annoying you have to say stop it i don't like it one time me and my friend
was walking at the  

Seek help means if you’re having trouble you talk to a grown up or are teacher about it . One time someone was cheating in rugby and then
I Seeked help to the coach and he made it fair.

You should use your WITS if someone is being mean to you because it will get you far in life. It will also keep you out of trouble.