Wednesday, 12 September 2018


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Pests.are destructive insects or animals that attack crops animals livestock etc.Some pest like hedgehogs and possums look friendly, but don't let there cute appearance distract you from there nasty habits.when people start campaigns saying that we should keep these vicious creatures that serve as a huge threat not only to our native animals, but to our plants and tress, they are being careless lowlifes! these deadly creatures are killing milions of native animals every year. taking out plants and tress and spreading deadly diseases and viruses.if we don"t react quickly they are going to take over and when that happens we are going to have no choice but to wipe them all out leaving not a single trace.


  1. Talofa, David. My name is Reagan and I am in Totara 3.
    I really like how you have added in a picture to brighten up and give this post some colour!! I also enjoyed reading your writing as it definitely would change someones mind if they did like those creatures. The sentence you used in this piece was amazing, I especially liked 'but don't let there cute appearance distract you from there nasty habits.
    Next time you might want to check where you are adding in punctuation.
    Anyhow, I loved reading your post and would love to see you posting more often.
    Ka pai!!
    Noho ora mai

  2. Hi David ,
    I really like what you have wrote but I think that you could have checked over your work and used your punctuation more carefully ,

    Good work


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