Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Neasian Fusion Reveiw

Nesian Performance Review
Last Friday  Nesian Fusion Performed At Pt England School Assembly .They wore black tights also they also had their business logo on their  T shirts .They played Beau King and Queen, Brazilian drums and slow music .  

I liked it when they played beau mong king and queen because it showed that they can do fast music and slow music. When you drop the ailo stick don't be scared to pick it up. The message was ‘ No to Fear!’

On the stage they demonstrated under leg and fast spinning with the Ailao . It was an AMAZING Show to watch!  I can’t wait
to see the next  Nesian Fusion Performance

David Nesian Brainstorm Review

Thursday, 17 September 2015

David Cross Country Recount 2015

P1: Last Monday 7th of September we had our school cross country
competition we started  when Mr Burt clapped the red and black wood  we all started running in the muddy field .

after that me and are few of my friends started walking
then I started sprinting again  .
This year's run was are lot longer than last year's  run
I came 11th
At the end of the run we got a drink of water next to mrs clark.
I am in the yellow house TAKITIMU!! who won last
year's  race  hope fully we we will win again this year.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

David Trade & Enterprise Dictogloss

Trade is when you swap something for another thing. It could be money for a item, service for money, an item for an item ect.  If you have a jet pack you could swap it for a private plane.

Enterprise is when you create your own company. To create your own company you need to have a good idea, get some money to start and sell your products. If you sell a lot you will get a lot of money.  and spend it on anything you want.
Music Group
This term team four have different business groups.  I am in the music group. We are selling guitars and drums for $ 2 .PT.