Friday, 1 December 2017

Music Emotions

for the lats two weeks  we have been learning about how different music can  makes you feel different emotions. Each emotion has a different colours, if we missed out an emotion  comment it bellow and we will add it in along with a emoji and song to go with it enjoy the presentation

Friday, 17 November 2017

How to achieve your personal best

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Hello, today I am going to teach you all the necessary steps so you can become a world class level athlete, were not talking about personal best were talking setting world records so let's get into it .

The first thing you will need and the most important thing is to be Determined. You can't just do a 3 kilo meter run on Monday then half a kilo meter on Tuesday, what you should do is a 4 kilo meter run and keep adding as you go on .

Practice makes perfect  but in this case perfect isn't good enough  world class athlete is where we wanna go so you need to really work and push yourself to your limit, especially practice on things you want to  work on like if your focus is shot put  I encourage you to  do 10 push ups each night this will get very easy over time and you will shorty be able to do 20 then 30 40 50 and so on

Control your diet . To be a  world class athlete you need to eat like one The best thing to  eat is raw eggs broccoli rice,  and a gallon of water every day . Never eat any dairy products  don't even think about fatty food unless you  want to become the least athletic person in the history of human beings in that case feel free
If you follow these steps correctly you will be a top world class level athlete and  if that dose not work go google it

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Flounder blog post

Hey there  today i'm going to tell you about a small trip we went to about Flounder.  So today  12 pt england students got a opportunity to go out and catch baby Flounder, the rest of the school went out to support and cheer them on , the idea of the project was to  catch baby flounder put them in a tank and then when they get bigger give them back to the beach  to help grow the species . here is picture of a baby flounder
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Friday, 26 May 2017

The day Without the year 8s

on the  first  day that the year 8s were on camp we stayed at  school and did normal school work just joking we did  everything but normal work. t on the first day  we were split into three groups tahi rua and toru we then got to create a group name and my group decided on the name churies  we then created a chant after that we had a competition to see who had the best chant. we won that compettion . after  that  went to make truffles  and that was day 1 of the day with out the year 8s

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

JellyBeans Challange

Today we were spilt into groups of 5, our project was to create a structure with jelly beans and toothpicks, that can hold books, the group that makes the structure the holds the most books wins our group did not do well we were last our structure held 2 books then broke on the third the best group held 7 books at the end we got to eat the jelly beans at the end

Friday, 17 March 2017


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Yesterday we  went to the polyfest when we arrived we sat on the grass and waited for ages and ages and AGES!!!!. While we sat on the grass we played somakalo  then we went to the police thing we asked them questions like if they have ever used a taser gun on someone, they  said no they said that they always try talk to the person first and never try to get violent . Other  higlights was  when we got fried donuts and when  we went to the auckland museum and learnt a dance my favorite dance move was girl come over here.   another highlight was when we ride the bikes to make a  smoothie,  another great highlight was the limbo contest i won the contest and was the top limboer of the day We  also got given a hat and glasses and at the end of the day i was very tired and did not go to touch training i went home to sleep  the polyfest was great that's some of the best bits of poly fest this year I look forward to going next year the end

Thursday, 9 February 2017