Friday, 17 March 2017


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Yesterday we  went to the polyfest when we arrived we sat on the grass and waited for ages and ages and AGES!!!!. While we sat on the grass we played somakalo  then we went to the police thing we asked them questions like if they have ever used a taser gun on someone, they  said no they said that they always try talk to the person first and never try to get violent . Other  higlights was  when we got fried donuts and when  we went to the auckland museum and learnt a dance my favorite dance move was girl come over here.   another highlight was when we ride the bikes to make a  smoothie,  another great highlight was the limbo contest i won the contest and was the top limboer of the day We  also got given a hat and glasses and at the end of the day i was very tired and did not go to touch training i went home to sleep  the polyfest was great that's some of the best bits of poly fest this year I look forward to going next year the end

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