Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Usain Bolt naritive


In a land far far away there was a boy called Usain. He was out on the playground playing when he realised, from the sound of his rumbling tummy, that he was incredibly hungry. He started walking towards his bag but he realised he had forgotten his lunch! He then sat there, and then a football was kicked next to where he was sitting. Usain asked the boys on the football field if he could join in and they said yes.

A man at the school saw Usain running fast during the game and realised he was something special. The man offered him a deal. He said that if he had won a race with a slightly older kid the man will give him his lunch usain agreed to the deal so they started the race in the start of the race usain was losing then he had a flashback of the lunch then he sprinted past him and won the race .

Now 22 years later usain bolt is competing in the rio olympics next to justin gatlin and andre de grasse

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