Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Holiday Highlight

In the holidays on a  wednesday I went to my friend jacks house for a sleepover for 2 days he leaves on Mangere. We went there around 10 in the night so it was a little late.
They were not are sleep so we went on his xbox 360 we played a kinect game called
Dance Central 4 .  we dance to soulja boy crank that and moves like jagger.

The next day  at my friend's house we got up went downstairs to have breakfast then we did the ice challenge and had a water fight  we did not get Nominated but we did it
anyways the water was freezing cold!  after that we went to go eat Doritos  after that we went  to play undisputed  3  it's a UFC game then we had KFC  for lunch .
then we watched lab rats on  Disney channel   regular show on  cartoon network. then

We went with jacks mum to get great tongs  CHICKEN! and rice with chinese
egg foo young it was yum. Then we went to sleep the next day  i went home.

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