Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Creative Paragraphs- Man In Space

This week we have been learning to rework our writing to make our paragraphs interesting for our audience. We started by writing a creative sentence about this picture. As a class we will choose Nate's sentence because we liked it the best and wrote a paragraph each to follow the chosen sentence. Here is the beginning of my story that starts with Nate's sentence.

Man in space.jpg

An astronaut bravely walks out into the icy milkyway. He takes a space walk carefully around the earth. He will protect the earth.

Bang!  Superman is fighting Lex Luthor in the middle of space. Lex Luthor is trying to take over Earth and has set an atomic bomb that has just blown up the astronauts ship.

The astronaut  is Green Lantern. Luckily he is able to breathe in space so he takes of his space suit  and helps superman defeat Lex Luthor.  

Next they go back to superman's planet and see Thanos. Thanos is much harder to defeat  than Lex Luthor so Green Lantern calls the Justice League.

as the Justice League arrive so do all the villains. They have an fight and of course the good guys WIN!!

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