Friday, 10 June 2016

creating a legened

A few years ago there lived a great legend called Jon
Jones. He was born in 1985, at the age of 7 he had mastered the skills of
karate and kung fu and taekwondo , his dad owned a dojo in japan and Jon Jones tried his hardest to be as skilled as his father Richard Jones . As a kid Jone Jones looked up to great fighters,like Brock Lesnar Anderson Silva  and others .

At the age of 17 Jon Jones was asked to join the UFC he refused Because  
he thought he was going to get destroyed and he had no trainer .
As he was  coming back from the gym he saw an elderly man ,
his  name was Rocky Balboa  a former boxer and champion

Jon Jones asked him to train him he said yes  even though .
He had never did ufc ever , at  that moment  Jon Jones  thought    that he had
a chance at the UFC Light Heavyweight title he started training every day for 2 hours
running laps around new York basin and  then he received a call  from Bruce Reynolds the boss of UfC they said they have  a fight for him at the ccv arena in
Las Vegas, at that moment  Rocky Balboa and Jon Jones were very nervous
on the very first round Jon Had been knocked out twice  and was filled with cuts and
Bruises  on his face . The second round had began he was surviving many hits to the face  and then he gave his opponent an incredible uppercut to the face that sent his opponent to the ground and he couldn't get up  and Jon Jones had won his first fight
Ever in the UFC

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