Friday, 17 June 2016

Captain Sullenberger

Captain Sullenberger is a famous Pilot. He is most famous for when he landed a badly damaged passenger plane on the Hudson river in 2009, and saved 145 people. He was the first man in history to land a passenger plane on water with both engines disabled. 

The hardest part for Captain Sullenberger was to keep the plane perfectly level while landing on the water. People were surprised how level he had kept the plane while landing because if he had landed the plane ether on the wing or the nose this would of caused the plane to tumble over. This would have killed all the passengers and even his flight crew!

I think he is a hero because he saved 145 lives and every person he saved is still alive. And not only the people on the passenger plane were saved and he saved so many people by landing the plane where no buildings were so he saved a lot more people than just passengers , plane was also saved and it remains somewhere in New York.

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