Friday, 10 June 2016

David avengers asemble

One night Ultron was up to no good he was teaming up with Bucky to create an evil army of robots to destroy the Avengers, and try to take over the city of new york. But what they didn’t know was that
Thor and Iron Man were in touch with the justice league and were going to get the most skilled heroes
to stop them . last week they was destruction at the maze bank tower caused by ultrons minions all the useless ametur superheroes were there to help but unfortunately they failed and over 2,500 people were killed and every superhero is to blame . at the avengers base they was about 20 thousand superheroes surrounding the base because they knew that all the villains would show up as soon
as they showed up the civil war began superman was leading the superheroes to the battle then
Thor got his hammer and hit the joker right on his chin POW!! and then the amazing Spider man
uppercut the green goblin BOOM and then finally superman lasered lex luthor and ended the fight the
Heroes congratulated each other as they saved the city of new york

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