Monday, 9 April 2018

Why you should buy moro bars

Today we were split into four groups and we had to create a poster pitching to the class why they should buy moro instead of another chocolate.We quickly found out that moro has the most sugar so we had to ignore that fact and focus on how much energy is in the bar because of the sugar. But not actually mention that there is lots of sugar in the bar. But we were aloud to add and exaggerate facts.

Our first point was that a moro bar is both caramel and chocolate making it more favourable and tasty. We also exaggerated the energy and said that the energy of one moro is equivalent to 5 kit kats and 6 picnics.We also mentioned that all blacks eat 15 moros a day to get that superb energy although this is not true at added a sense of banter to to our sales pitch.

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