Thursday, 12 April 2018

Fia Fia Rehearsal

Here is my explanation explaining what happened yesterday at our fia fia rehearsel

Today our school is putting on a fia fia performance and every student is taking part. Yesterday was our rehearsal. When it was time to rehearse everyone went to there practice rooms.we were then told by Mrs nua to go to our changing rooms from there we moved to the hall.Unfortunately the weather was not great so we could not watch each other's performance live. We went group by group to the stage and practiced performing on the stage so we can get it perfect on the night. While the last two groups were performing the sun came out so we all went together to the stage area to watch the last two performances live. the rehearsal went awesome and I am very excited to perform tonight.

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  1. great writing about what happened at rehearsal David
    what was your favourite performance

    by Ben


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