Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Holiday Bloging part 5

Hello it's the 5th day of the school holidays and guess what it's a tuesday morning but there is no school because it's school holidays!! that never gets old, anyways I made this blog post to tell you guys  some of the things that i have been doing this holiday, it's quite a lot  so let's start with
saturday the 9th of july the second day of the school holidays . On that day i made a blog post
about rugby  players you can read it right now just click this link  http://goo.gl/OgV20p  on that same day i went to the movies to watch the new disney film fiding dory once we came back from the movies i  went back on my chromebook and wrote a story to post on my blog on the 10th of july It's the one about girls competing in the olympics just click this link to read it . http://pesdavidk
that's all for today but don't worry because i will have a brand new story tomorrow bye for now

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