Friday, 22 July 2016

Holidays are Finished

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The school holidays are coming to an end  and I am so sad because school starts in 2 days so I am going to tell you guys everything that I did in the holidays including the 15 blogpost I did. So the first day of the holidays as soon as school finished around 3:50 I made this blogpost http://pesdavidk  on the second day I made this one  http://pesdavidk on the third day I started the winter learning journey competition and made this http://pesdavidk  then I made this one http://pesdavidk . Which went back to the first two as a part 3 then I stopped blogging about what i was doing because those blog post were harder to make and were not geting any comments and I don’t get  blogging points from them that is why I only made winter learning journey blog post  but my plan was to make holiday blogging  post and winter learning journey post and switch  between the two so this blog post is going to be called something completely different but it is actually part 4 of these blog posts  part 1 http://pesdavidk part 2  http://pesdavidk  original part 3 http://pesdavidk. let's go back to part 2  on the same day I made part 2 I went to watch the Disney film finding dory and I was going to make a post about it and that would of been part 3 but I did not make it because of the same reason holiday blogging did not carry on but winter learning journey did so I still was making a blog post everyday I know I only talked about 6 of my blogpost cause if i talked about all of them you would be reading this forever so you can look at all my blog posts on my blog  to see all of them but i am not going to tell you the story behind them all

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  1. Hi David

    I am so pleased to read this post where you have taken the time to describe your holiday blogging. Well done.

    Mrs Burt