Saturday, 16 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey W1:D9

Jesse Owens  was an american sprinter who competed  in the 1936 Olympics and had a movie called race that was  released in February it is a great movie and I highly recommend watching it .He was very brave and had and courageous he won 4 Gold medals in one day!! and he was competing in Germany where Hitler was and Hitler was very racist and he did not want African Americans  competing in the Olympics, that is why Jesse was very brave and courageous. that's it for  today but i will have a new blog post tomorrow bye for now .

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  1. Jesse, really is an inspiring man, isn't he? I think that he was very courageous to compete in the Olympics, particularly at a time when the leader of the host country was very much against the idea. That takes real courage!

    Thanks for this informative post, David. See you tomorrow!

    Cheers, Rachel :)


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